Dating after prostate cancer Live show nude

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Some men go into treatment knowing that erectile dysfunction afterwards is inevitable.

It is important to be well prepared for some of the consequences of treatment because surprises are terrible.

Sexual problems men can experience from treatment include: For some men, changes in sexual function were present before or at the time of their cancer diagnosis.

It is also common for sexual issues to develop during treatment, soon after treatment, or years later.

An older man with a history of health problems won’t do as well.

Some of the nerves that control erections are invariably damaged during prostate removal surgery.

The words “You have prostate cancer” are a life changing, frightening event for each man affected and for his partner.

At first, sexual concerns recede amidst the time and energy consuming tasks of gathering information, having tests, making treatment decisions and perhaps undergoing surgery.

It is normal to notice changes in the way you relate to family, friends, and other people that you are around every day—and the way they relate to you.

You may then get angry because you are not getting the support you need.

Other times, you may expect more of your family than you receive.

Now, about 90% of the nearly 250,000 American men who are diagnosed with the disease each year are alive at least 15 years after treatment.

Nearly half of men who had surgery for prostate cancer expected to have a better recovery than they actually did.

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