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This is the very first version of the system an obviously a huge change in the gameplay.If everybody likes it, we may later expand it and integrate it further into the game (allowing you to ask for the work schedule in the chat, for instance). You will no longer have exact numbers for hotness, buzz and attraction for complete strangers.Every girl can be a few selections of scenes - at home, in the office, at the bar, the club, in the hospital and in the latest version in the toilet, etc., and in each place will be different sex scene (not all ...) and many scenes opened only when a certain level of relations!When you first meet a girl, you will have a vague idea, but as you get to know her better, you will get more exact readings.Change: Since the location of all the girls are now know, the map has been updated to hint where there are girls at any given time.You can see the Relationshiplevel in numbers over the Stars.

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