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And now that I’m 73 years old, I know it’s not true.Now don’t get me wrong, sex can be wonderful at any age, but there’s something that is more important than sex, but it’s something that men have difficulty admitting and women have difficulty giving.Check out Play Station, Xbox, and Nintendo Enthusiast when you can.—RSVP to join weekly calls on Love, Sex & Relationships–How many times have we heard the phrase, “All men want is sex? When I was 37 years old, I suspected it might not be true.And he isn’t interested in femme guys, or else he’d be dating a girl (double gag).He’ll tell you he’s “str8 acting,” “masc4masc” or “muscle4muscle.” And he’ll use really big words.He’s cute, funny, personable and has thoroughly charmed your socks off. Just when you think Grindr is pretty great after all, you try to take it to the next level and set up a 3-D encounter.He’ll say things in his profile like “no blacks or Asians” or “into white only,” often with major spelling and grammatical errors.

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They remind me of the early days of Joystiqs' fanboy sites - focused, passionate blogs updated daily.

Michael introduces himself as a supposed well known person from financial magazines and the Forbes website.

He also claims to have a few nicknames, from which we have mentioned one already.

Quickly I realized I had no good reason to be calling this person at 10 p.m.

Love it or hate it, chances are you’ve had Grindr in your pocket at some point (even if you do delete and re-download it every two months).

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