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It also gives a feeling of true American Bad Assery when you wear it.

I had to train him to peck the Italian supermodels who throw themselves at me the instant they see the stars and stripes flapping in the breeze, clinging to my 4' calves. THEY' RE NOT AMERICAN THAT' S WHY Every morning, I put on my American flag pants and print out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and consume it for sustenance before I hop in my Ford F650 and drive to work, which is Wal Mart.

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We broke up because I was moving to a different part of the city for college and he thought the distance would be "too much." FML Today, I finally went out on a date with a cute guy.

I manage a store, because they got one good look at this 100% constitutional garment and collapsed to the floor, weeping with pride for the USA of America. "I have to admit, after reading the reviews, I was a bit skeptical.

How could a shirt, a simple piece of cloth, transform so many lives?

"Since buying this shirt: I have been invited to sing national anthems at baseball games. With these board shorts I now know what the American Flag Feels like flying high in the sky, soaring like bald eagle, mocking its enemies down below all the while drinking a beer that tastes like fireworks and freedom. "The first time I put these pants on, I went outside and caught a bald eagle with my bare hands and tamed it.

It can be described as flying on an American Bald Eagle as it shoots fucking... Theodore Abraham Washington, the LXIX before throwing themselves at my feet (which generally hover above the ground). "There is no greater feeling than increasing your patriot points.

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