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“Ribbon Page” is an AQHA Champion and a producer of an AQHA champion, 21 performers with performance pts in AQHA, Palomino Breed Assoc, & the Buckskin Breed Assoc..

We have just purchased “Iceman” and 2015 saw his first crop of foals for us.

Earned: 3 Performance Wins; 24.0 Performance Points; 12 Halter Wins; 1.5 Halter Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Grand Championship.), and , High Point Halter Stallion (1996-Amateur). High Point Junior Halter Stallion /3rd Place (1996-Open). Other Earnings: AQHA Incentive Fund ,615.28; AQHA World Championship Show 0.80.; is the sire of 80 foals of which 9 were Performers with 11 Performance Wins; 43.5 Performance Points; 12 Halter Wins; 9.5 Halter Points; 14 Novice Wins; 81.5 Novice Points; 2 Performance Register of Merits; 1 Grand Championship; 5 Reserves; 2 All Around Championships; 2 Reserve All Around Championships.

He will fit into our breeding program with ease - (all around horses that are can halter, are very trainable and are enjoyable to work with).

This article deals with probable causes and changes in diet or management which will give the skinny horse every opportunity to gain weight.

The first part will discuss probable causes which may preclude a horse from gaining weight or which causes a horse to lose weight.

For the sake of not violating one of the 12 traditions of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous programs, I won't say who some of them are, but it's been publicly stated by such stalwarts of our sport as the late John A.

Bell of Jonabell Farm, the late Joe Pons of Country Life Farm, Cot Campbell of Dogwood Stables, Hall of Fame jockey Pat Day, and former Churchill Downs CEO Tom Meeker that we shared the same disease.

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