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Joseph Cox of , reports that the passwords are believed to have belonged to members of Mate1, an online dating website with an estimated membership base of 36.5 million users.In a conversation with Cox the anonymous hacker described how he had control over Mate1's systems: was able to obtain approximately 500 of the leaked passwords.We’re a growing company with the soul of a start-up.Mate1started in 2003 with eight employees and no outside investors.We are highly experimental, data-driven, courageous, and agile (which is why we’re able to compete with companies many times our size).

Members can constrain their interactions to the online space, or they can arrange a date to meet in person.Founded in 2003, Mate1launched with a mission to make online dating easy and to welcome the broadest possible audience.Since then, we’ve become one of the top mainstream platforms for singles to connect online.Mate1 seems a little outdated when compared with the other online dating sites we tested, but there is definitely potential for finding a match, and that is what matters most.Our test profile was matched by the Mate1 system with over 1,000 potential dates.

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