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Nor do Kentucky fans, after 30 consecutive losses to the Gators and many more years of irrelevance in the conference standings, need any reminders of where the football teams stands in the grand scheme of things: The grisly details of any particular defeat don’t matter nearly as much as the fact the basic idea of UK as a perennial doormat never changes.In 2016, as ever, the Wildcats are in a race to the bottom. And if there was any hope for reversing the road-to-nowhere narrative under Mark Stoops, by most accounts this year — Stoops’ fourth in Lexington, the money year after a pair of 5-7 finishes in 2014-15 — should have been the one.

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I was in Milan, Italy this past week, preselling my management company’s risk-adjusted portfolios, since foreign capital continues to pour into the U. As I had suspected, the view from Northern Italy was that the euro and the U. Overall, Europe’s fascination with the Fed, a strong U. dollar, and falling crude oil prices dominated my conversations.

A truly honest assessment wouldn’t have given them that much credit.

Technically, yes, Kentucky did reach the end zone, on a 65-yard, garbage-time drive on its final possession.

Finally, I should mention that that the high-yield “bubble” continued to implode last week.

First, most high-yield bond ETFs are now trading at discounts to their underlying net asset value.

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