Validating web site visual studio

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NET does all the compilation (modulo precompile), VS. Well, it checks to make sure the app would compile as if you ran it under ASP. In essence, it does all the same checks the runtime compile would do just to let you know if you got anything wrong.

NET does not participate in the compilation of the application. -Brock The validating web site task actually does a number of things above and beyond what VS 2003 did for compilation.

If we haven't heard back from you with the requested information in the next 3 days, we will go ahead and close the issue. In order to efficiently investigate and reproduce this issue, we are requesting additional information outlined below. collect steps while you're repro'ing the issue, as well as4. System details (in Dx Diag output)We look forward to hearing from you with this information.

Could you please give a dump file of this issue so that we can conduct further research?

What is this step and which actions are performed within it? Martijn Since the compilation model in v2.0 has changed such that ASP. Why not just use a Required Field Validator and make sure it is correct? Page Protected Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. For instance if you wanted the user to enter a user name, but the field did not require validation, the user could submit a blank entry or one with invalid characters that you would not want.The Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server checks the validity of each URL that is associated with integration of Share Point Products and Team Foundation.The following error appears when a URL does not pass the validation check: Depending on the version of Share Point Products that you have integrated into the deployment, you may need to address one or more configuration areas that the tool may not have checked.

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