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A lot of the articles will repeat similar Scorpio aspects.

I could have removed the redundancies; however, I felt the original article would have been compromised.

The narcissist ages without compassion or grace; he is shallow and does not accept aging well.

His withered body and his overworked mind betray him at the same time. Subjected to childhood abuse, the narcissist ages prematurely and finds himself in a time warp; he is in a constant struggle with midlife crisis.

Having been exposed for what he is-a deceitful, treacherous, spiteful egotist-the narcissist’s old tricks now fail him.

People are on their guard and less gullible than before.

Teresa had been suspicious of her husband for weeks, but as she sat in her car watching him walk into the home of an attractive blonde, she was stunned.

Parks responded to news of her termination on social media on Monday. That’s because she already knew she was leaving the show.

cast member Phaedra Parks may not have been fired from the show as has been reported.

According to a source in Atlanta’s legal community, Parks, who is an attorney, may have asked to be let go from the show because she is in jeopardy of being disbarred for lying. But recall that the episode was taped — and Parks knew her fate ahead of the show’s airing on Sunday.

There is now a total 57,364 words in the Scorpio Profile.

Time for a book :-) If you have visited here before, you may notice a few changes around the place.

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