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n 21 March 2014, a 64-year-old teacher named William James Vahey checked into a cheap hotel in the tiny Minnesota town of Luverne.Vahey had spent the previous four decades teaching at international schools, from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, but he had decided to spend his final moments near his elderly mother and his brother, Chris, who both lived in Luverne. At 5.20pm, Vahey crossed the road and checked in at a second hotel, a Quality Inn.Danyal Buckharee (left), 42, and Giovanni Recchia (right), 47, set up an elaborate scheme, in which they duped buyers into buying worthless car insurance by using an i Pod to play background office noise Detectives smashed the ‘fraud factory’ after the Motor Insurers Bureau received complaints about three car insurance websites - Aston Midshires Insurance, Astuto Insurance and Car Insurance Warehouse - in October 2011.

Situated for easy access to Fort William and the Cairngorms National Park, it’s the perfect base for a Scottish Highland holiday.The national flag of Scotland, a 16th-century design known as the Saint Andrew’s Cross, totally looks like an email icon.If Scotland should choose to go its own bonnie way this Thursday, may we humbly suggest an alternative national standard, one that surely will never be confused with an i OS icon? Ollie: Oh, yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah, "I'm Geoff Average, and I think the same as everybody else cos I'm Mr Average Normal Bloke and everybody thinks like me cos I work in IT, and on the weekends I pop a few pills and do a bit of DJ-ing, y'know, spare cash cos I'm a single mum and I'm a member of the National Trust, I enjoy any sports on TV, anything with Colin Firth, I enjoy domestic violence and sun-dried fucking...karaoke." Not everybody is the same, Glenn! Malcolm: (On the phone, about Abbot) Hi Tom, what can I do for you? Well, I didn't know what he was doing with his flat... That's a joke, by the way, not a very nice one, a nasty one, which masks a lot of very negative feelings about this fucking department. How am I supposed to do my job if I don't know WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! This desire for perfection, but I'm not perfect, I'm just a person right. Just a world of robots in a sort of--it's like a futuristic film. You'd be in your little space station surrounded by obedient androids, like that fucking brushed-aluminium Dan Miller cyberprick! Ollie: (To Phil) I will be so not sorry to not ever have to talk to you again, you massive floppy blonde tit. Malcolm: If you do think about running with this pill story, I'll personally fucking eviscerate you, right? Jamie: (impersonating Julius) Oh, oh, oh, oh, "the actual charge"? Natural Retreats West Highlands presents two beautiful holiday cottages in a stunning location.

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