Slave master chat flirt

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These scenes were fascinating to watch, as both parties are exceedingly intelligent and used light chit-chat and seemingly innocent questions to draw intel out of the other.This is at its best – where the eccentricities of human beings are juxtaposed against the formalities of the modern world they inhabit, and we get to see how well each character is able to maintain their individual facade of normalcy.She doesn't like to feel trapped or feel like she is being ordered to do something if she doesn't want to as she view her own freedom as her top priority, only secondary to freeing the shifter slaves.Lia can be quite stubborn and difficult if she deems the situation demands it and has no problem with voicing her own opinions.If there are any differences, I don't know about them, and the guide doesn't mention them.) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING: This in-depth guide contains major SPOILERS, including detailed ! The nature of this guide is to enhance replayability by giving you the tools and information helpful to experience differences in player character interaction and the development of the follower characters.

Two abbreviations are used frequently throughout this guide: OP: Open Palm, or "the Way of the Open Palm," a game mechanic.

She is honest and will not sugar coat anything she says unless she is trying to win you over, than you might be treated to lots of compliments and flirting.

Just remember that despite Lia's happy out shell, she has gone though some dark stuff and ended up killing her own master.

Deep down she is ruthless and will kill without mercy if she sees fit, though when she does this you will normally find she can't remember any of the details of what happened during the fight.

Lia prefers darker cloths like black or grey though she does wear white as well, preferring to avoid bright cloths and browns she a very simple and casual look going on.

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