Changing gender roles in dating Adult chatroom mobile

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Seven in 10 of those surveyed say it’s unacceptable to expect a date to pay for everything.

I was brought up to treat women with respect and because my mother was strong-willed I saw her fight for what she wanted when in conflict with my father.◊♦◊My father was a man of his times and lived up to the stereotype of male masculinity.

One-third think it’s OK to search for online clues about a potential first date’s success in life.

But very few say daters should pay attention to each other’s finances before they are exclusive.

WASHINGTON — In dating, money may be the biggest taboo.

An Associated Press-WE tv poll finds that two-thirds of Americans think it’s tougher to talk money with your romantic partner than it is to talk sex. And when people do lay out their thoughts on money and gender in the dating scene, all kinds of contradictions emerge.

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